‘Legends are created when ordinary people go beyond themselves.’

Life was never meant to be ordinary. We find courage when we step forward. When we dust our hands and pick up the baton. When we realise, we have what it takes.

Grant Williams with crash helmet in foreground

Grant Williams – Vintage Racing Driver

My whole life has been racing. It’s in my family. Good times passed on from my father and grandfather. Every second I race around the track I am making memories, cranking up the speed on the dial, confidently manoeuvring my 1959 Mk 1 Jaguar to the edge of every apex and finishing straight. I wear the CR-2 Café Racer on and off track. It epitomises the maverick spirit of racing that I try and live out every day.

“Against the odds I race with the best.”

Close up of Simon Curwen on his boat

Simon Curwen – Sailor. Navigator. Adventurer.

Navigating the seas in the Golden Globe non-stop race around the world is mastering the ferocity of waves and hours of endless solitude. It’s an adventure. A battle. 30, 000 miles of solo racing, testing technical skills and muscle memory. You train for every eventuality, racing without modern technology, like you’re back in ’68, trusting in timeless well-crafted kit. The L1 Longitude reminds me of what it takes to navigate the ocean. Accurately ticking, my watch remains wet from the sea, waiting for my next adventure.

“John Harrison raced to pinpoint longitude at sea. He knew what it takes – impeccable timing in the harshest conditions.”

Man holding flares on boat
Man on motorbike

Riccardo Raccuia – Motorcyclist And Explorer

Time I hold loosely. I try and squeeze the most out of every hour. Discovering new places. Hidden gems found along dusty tracks and tight cobbled streets. Exploration doesn’t always need a map. You can cut your own path, trusting your instincts and tasting freedom. Customized to perfection my T120 Triumph Bonneville is that sweet spot that you can hit when style meets functionality. Like my vintage leather jacket keeping out the rain or the H1 Hurricane that sits on my wrist, beautifully styled and engineered to withstand the elements.

“Find the path less travelled. When the tarmac ends you have to make your own way.”

H1 Hurricane Blackout