The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre is currently working on an exciting programme restoring Avro Lancaster NX611.  The ultimate goal being to take her to an airworthy condition.

Just Jane nose art
Zero West Lancaster Aviation restoration Logo

The project, which began several years ago is being carried out over the winter periods so that the aircraft can still be available to the public during the summer months.

“Just Jane” was one of the first 150 B Mk VII Avro Lancasters destined as part of the RAF’s Tiger Force in the Far East, but in the end never saw active service.

In the 1970’s Fred and Harold Panton decided they wanted to purchase a Second World War Bomber to commemorate the death of their brother Christopher who was killed on the Nuremburg Raid in March 1944.

In September 1983 their dream finally became a reality when they purchased NX611 and bought her to East Kirkby

Just Jane place covered in sheeting during restoration

“Just Jane” has undergone many procedures from a complete paint strip in 2016 to the port wing being removed and restored in 2022.

The restoration continues and the whole project is estimated to cost £4million.

At Zero West we are passionate about our heritage and history and are privileged to be able to do our small bit in contributing towards the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre’s NX611 Just Jane restoration cause.

Photo of Lancaster bomber painting in gold frame

As part of our Dambuster Lancaster watch launch earlier this year we commissioned an original oil painting by the world-renowned aviation artist Mark Postlethwaite. Our intention was to donate the painting to a worthy cause, and none is so fitting as getting NX611 Just Jane airworthy again. The magnificent painting measuring 42″ x 30″ depicts the subject of our Dambuster watches, Lancaster ED825 AJ-T, flown by Big Jo McCarthy in the early hours of 17thMay 1943, on its return from the Sorpe Dam where bomb aimer Johnny Johnson recalls flying past the breached Mohne Dam. It must have been a sight to behold, and Mark has captured every detail of it in his spectacular work of art.

Photo of Lancaster oil painting close up
Mark Postlewaite famous aviation painter, Zero West
Just Jane Lancaster plane on display outside with crowds watching

The painting truly is a one-off and will hopefully raise as much money for the Just Jane cause as possible. 100% of the winning bid from the auction will be donated directly to East Kirkby.  We are currently running a ‘silent bid’ auction. Bidders will need to submit their bid to and will only be able to bid once.  The highest bidder will be notified after the closing date of the auction (28th February 2023) and will then pay the price they submitted for the item.  This payment should be made direct through the Lincolnshire Aviation donations page and proof of the payment will need to be provided to Zero West.