Launching our new LS-2 at The National Motor Museum

We were delighted to launch our new LS-2 Landspeed watch at the award winning National Motor Museum at Beaulieu on 29th September.  The home of the record breaking ‘Sunbeam’ was the perfect place to launch our watch that marks the 203.79 mph speed record.

LS-2 display unit with Sunbeam painting behind
LS-2 watch on black leather strap with red stitching and red edge painted rally holes

We were joined by over 80 Zero West customers and guests from Beaulieu, who were treated to a private evening in the Motor Museum.  There were lots of cars for everyone to see, but the main event was the British built Sunbeam car.

Sunbeam car and engine
Car engine

The Sunbeam broke the 200 mph barrier on 29th March 1927 on Daytona Beach, USA, by Englishman Sir Henry Seagrave.  Zero West has a close connection with the Sunbeam as the panelling expert, George Gray who worked on it, formerly owned the boathouse which is now the location of our studio in Emsworth.

Black and white photo of Sunbeam car and men standing beside
LS-2 wrist shot in front of Sunbeam car

We were pleased to be joined by Portsmouth Distillery at the watch launch.  They provided guests with a choice of specially designed cocktails, including the ZW Spritz.

Selection of alcohol bottles on a bar with car in the background

The evening was great fun and the feedback from everyone who attended was very positive.  Guests enjoyed the chance to view not only the new LS-2 Landspeed watch, but all watches in our range, and also the opportunity to chat with Andrew and Graham about the watches.

LS2 watch with red strap close up
Golden Globe 2022
Flying Scotsman – Zero West Collaboration