Graham Collins & Andrew Brabyn

There is no doubt that to create a successful brand takes more than one mind, and in our case that’s fact. From our first meeting we clicked. Common tangible interests include watches, history, art, design and British achievement but there is something special needed to draw all of those disparate interests together into a product. The intangibles are trust and confidence in each other’s ability which become the unwritten rite of passage, coupled with dogged tenacity and an unwavering pursuit for perfection which complete the creation and success of Zero West.

Brown leather watch straps
Spiral pattern on back of watch

Graham is a seasoned design engineer who after graduating in Mechanical Engineering embarked on a career in military and commercial design, and since graduating in Graphic Design, Andrew has spent his working life in commercial advertising. These complimentary skills make for a self-contained and vertically integrated business formula. It just works!

Our partnership stems from a great friendship and deep passion for British Design classics and achievement.

Born out of a love of beautiful watches combined with a lifetime of innovative design and engineering, it’s a simple and highly creative formula.

Our combined skills enable us to approach watch design in a different way to the industry norm. Case designs are unique and stem from Graham’s aerospace background and the use of state-of-the-art machining techniques. We design in-house and because of that manufacturing engineering background, we have the innate ability to be able to design and mould amongst other things our own aerospace grade straps. To compliment the case designs, Andrews’s prowess in graphic and font design leads to unique and striking dials along with the creation and layout of all of the Zero West digital and printed marketing material and website. One thing’s for sure; we are never short of creativity.

Photo of studio from outside
Art work for back of Longtitude watch
Two watch bodies on a table